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New Electro Kinetic Remediation Technology Used in New York

EPhase2 install the new EKF remediation technology in Queens, New York.

Because of a persistent and ongoing historical contamination, Brian McCabe and Steve Bitetto (in front of rig), with EPhase 2, install the new EKF remediation technology at a site in Queens, NY.

EPhase 2 in Huntington Station, NY, utilized a Geoprobe® 6712DT to install the first U.S. application of a newly-developed Electro Kinetic Field (EKF) remediation technology from Clean Ground Solutions, Inc. to successfully remediate a site highly contaminated with petroleum in just 120 days.

The 6712DT was mobilized to Queens, NY, to a site with a persistent and ongoing historical contamination problem. Although most of the impacted soil had been removed, some deeper soil contamination remained. Groundwater was contaminated nearly 20 feet into the water table. Traditional chemical injection and surfactant treatments had failed to produce results, so Barbara and Scott Yanuck, Co-Owners of EPhase 2, decided to deploy the EKF remediation technology, which involved installing steel rebar in a grid pattern, and inducing a low-level electrical current in an optimized pulsed voltage pattern to break down contaminants in impacted soil and groundwater. 

“The flexibility of our 6712DT allowed fast and cost-effective installation of this leading-edge remediation technology,” Barbara Yanuck, Co-Owner of EPhase 2, explained. “We obtained a significant reduction in contaminant levels in groundwater without the addition of water or treatment chemicals, and, most importantly, without the waste or disposal requirements generated by traditional remediation methods.”

The 6712DT was well suited to the job with the two-day installation covering a total treatment volume of 6,000 tons to a depth of 35-ft below ground surface. The small size and agility of the rig made it possible for the retail businesses to continue operations without any interruption throughout the entire installation process. After 120 days of operation, the contaminants were reduced to levels that allowed for regulatory closure of the spill after 17 years and numerous previously-unsuccessful attempts at remediation.

EPhase2 installs geothermal heating and cooling systems.

Steve Bitetto, at the controls of the 6712DT for EPhase2, installs geothermal heating and cooling systems, including direct exchange earth loops to various depths.

Geotechnical Uses

EPhase 2, who offers environmental and geotechnical drilling and remediation services, also found the 6712DT to be an excellent choice for installing geothermal heating and cooling systems, which include direct exchange earth loops installed to various depths.  Scott said the rig is “small and agile enough to easily access locations throughout each property with minimal potential for damage, and is powerful enough to efficiently complete installations to depths of 100 feet or more.”

In addition, EPhase 2 has utilized the machine, equipped with the Geoprobe® DH100 automatic drop hammer system, to complete geotechnical borings at several sites.  “As with the other examples,” Barbara said, “the rig’s versatility and ability to access restricted locations provides the opportunity to complete projects where traditional drilling equipment cannot.”