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The power and ability to anchor quickly allows for more CPT footage during cone penetration testing in geotechnical practice..

The power and ability to anchor quickly allows for more CPT footage during cone penetration testing in geotechnical practice..

Mike Basha, operations manager, with Terracon in South Carolina, preferred running another manufacturer's rigs for 20-plus years. At least until he ran the Geoprobe® 20CPT Press mounted to the 6712DT (6712CPT).

“I’d been talking with Geoprobe® CPT guys for many years, and they finally built a rig that would suit my needs — production oriented, place to mount electronics permanently, and a place to carry rods without using the rack,” Basha said. “The big draw was the service department — if I have an issue, I can talk to someone well versed with the machine and get back up and running.”

Providing Basha quick answers to service questions and quick access to parts pushed him to try the 6712CPT. Its abilities  for cone penetration testing in geotechnical practice have exceeded his expectations. 

“I like the power and it anchors fast," Basha said. "Saves time putting in anchors, allowing us to get more footage, which is what it’s all about.”

The lightweight 6712DT has a low ground pressure, meaning it doesn’t get stuck easily. The ability to easily mobilize is a plus in Basha’s book.

“I’ve had it climbing stairs, driving up concrete stairs on the outside of a building,” Basha said. “Can pick it up with a front end loader to put it in a building or over a barrier.”

Basha also utilizes a 20CPT Press on a skid steer, appreciating the ease of detaching the CPT press to put other attachments onto the skid steer to outfit the skid steer to serve multiple functions.

“Occasionally on some sites I don’t have to subcontract to clear the way for the rig. Just put on the attachments to clear a path then do the work with one rig,” Basha said.

He finds the 20CPT Press on skid steer preferrable for solar farms with their test locations spread so far apart.

“The skid steer is fast, but track mounted, so can go off road into agricultural fields where most solar farms are located,” Basha said.

What continues to impress Basha is the support from Geoprobe® CPT experts and service technicians.

“I can’t overstate it – Troy Schmidt is amazing to deal with. He answers quickly. If there’s something I don’t like or that wears out faster than I think it should, the team dives into it to figure out a solution to save me money and downtime. Generally we can figure out problems in the field so don’t have to shut down. I can fix it on the spot if I don’t need a part. You can’t put a price on that,” Basha said. “Geoprobe® is open to listening and taking my advice — cause I’m working with the machine every day — to make work more efficient, which is the name of the game.”

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Geoprobe® 20CPT Press Overview

6712DT direct push drill rig

6712DT Drill Rig

Engineered to separate into sections for helicopter transport, the 6712DT leverages its Tier 4 engine for additional power and control to make environmental work easier.

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