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Landshark Drilling Continues to Grow and Develop More Geoprobe® Services

All Landshark employees are E-Rail certified for work on all Canadian Railroad lines.

All Landshark employees are E-Rail certified for work on all Canadian Railroad lines.

Landshark Drilling, located in southern Ontario, Canada, provides an extensive list of environmental drilling, geotechnical drilling, and environmental services throughout the entire Ontario market. According to John Theurer, who is the head of Business Development and Operations for Landshark, they have invested in the newest inventory of drilling equipment in the industry, and have expanded rapidly to become a leader in redefining the Canadian environmental and geotechnical drilling industry. 

Landshark currently operates three Geoprobe® 7822DT machines and one 6620DT direct push machine, all capable of probing, augering and rock coring. They use either Macro-Core® or dual tube soil sampling systems with their direct push platforms, and SPT (Standard Penetration Testing) with automatic drop hammers and augering capabilities.

“We started with Geoprobe® as it was the market-accepted rig by most of our clients/consultants,” John said. “It also provided us with the most flexibility for geotechnical and environmental projects.”

As shown in the photo to the right, one of Landshark’s ongoing projects is to complete environmental and geotechnical borings along a major roadway in downtown Toronto. For this project, they complete between 150 and 200 borings every 4 weeks using a combination of dual tube, MC5, and split spoon soil sampling. Most of the boreholes are between 15- and 20-feet deep.

Landshark’s licensed operators install 1- to 4-in. monitoring wells through 3.25- or 4.25-in. hollow stem and solid stem augers into the water tables. They carry 1-, 1.5- and 2-in. PVC pipe, and are able to install deep wells through multiple water tables with no cross contamination, using a variety of grouting methods.

“We are proud to recognize that our crews continuously perform 200 to 250 feet of direct push footages on a daily basis,” John added.

The company, who has been in operation for over four years, offers drillers the ability to work for themselves through their unique owner/operator ownership opportunities.

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Photo Gallery

All Landshark employees are E-Rail certified for work on all Canadian Railroad lines.
The small footprint of the 7822DT allowed Landshark Drilling to operate at a busy intersection in downtown Toronto. The 7822DT averaged 270 feet per day of direct push for the large infrastructure project.
A 7822DT completes monitoring well installation airside at Pearson International Airport.
A 7822DT is lowered by crane into a shored excavation area for an environmental investigation.

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