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Exploration Tooling by Geoprobe®

Core Sampling Equipment Exceeds Expectations

Identifying the location or evaluating the quality of a mineral or dewatering a mine requires a range of reliable core sampling equipment. Whether it is wireline coring systems, conventional coring systems, auger tooling, or sonic tooling, Geoprobe® has the quality, durable core sampling equipment to stand up to your tough jobs.  Our tooling options span from small to large diameter casing, rods, samplers, bits and accessory parts across the size spectrum.

Geoprobe Systems® manufactures many sizes of sonic coring bits, casing bits, dual tube bits (exclusive to Geoprobe Systems®), and special purpose bits. Our coring bits, most commonly used in ‘core and case’ applications, feature different carbide button configurations, water channels for flushing cuttings, and provisions for the use of core catchers to help retain sampled material in the sampler.

Guided by feedback from the field and focused on making your job easier, our team of tooling engineers and craftsman continually develop and test new and innovative core sampling equipment and techniques for the exploration drilling industry. Few of our core sampling equipment manufacturing processes are outsourced. It’s the only way we can assure the delivery of high-quality products with the consistency of performance our customers expect from our brand.

Rest assured your purchase of a Geoprobe® core sampling equipment will stand the test of time and with same-day shipping on most parts, you can minimize inventory. You’ll be supported by our industry-leading customer service to help troubleshoot sampling techniques or quality concerns.

Don't see a feature you’re looking for in your core sampling equipment?  Give us a call.

Our team of tooling engineers thrives on collaborating with drillers while they continually innovate new designs for our core sampling equipment. Our goal is to help maximize your exploration drilling success by making your job faster, safer, and easier. Partner with us and we'll work to decrease your core sampling time while increasing your family time.

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Depend on Team Geoprobe®

Since 1987, Geoprobe® has manufactured innovative drilling rigs and tooling - engineered for efficiency and safety - simplifying drillers’ jobs and empowering their companies to succeed as productive and profitable leaders in the industry. When you partner with Geoprobe® you receive:

Customer-inspired Innovation

Engineering and building industry-leading drilling rigs, tooling, and techniques for the technical driller based on your needs to work safer and more efficiently.

Exceptional Value

Ensuring drilling rigs and tooling are created in conjunction – with consistent quality – to collect the highest-quality information with the most accurate result to get you to, into, and through the job efficiently.

Superior Service

Equipping you to do your best job and keeping you in the field via one-on-one expert sales and service technicians manning live support phone lines, shipping necessary parts same-day.