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We never stop designing at Geoprobe®. It is why we come out with so many new tools and tooling systems. We want to maximize your performance in the field. Our research and development engineers work daily on new products to make you successful.

We’re often asked, “Why did you come out with ______?” We’ve created the set of videos below with our tooling engineers to answer that question. This gives you insight into our research and development process for Genuine Geoprobe® tooling.

Interlocking Split Spoon Sampler

Interlocking Split Spoon

Our patented interlocking split spoon sampler is a unique geotechnical innovation from Geoprobe® that is engineered to greatly benefit your field team. It is built to be 2X stronger, last longer, and saves both money and field time over a conventional split spoon. Additionally, it meets ASTM Standard D1586.

DT22 Soil Sampling System

DT22 Detent Drive Head

Push button release significantly speeds up the process of removing or attaching DT22 liners to the drive head.

4.5 in. Sonic Tooling HD RHSL

4.5 in. HD Sonic Rods

Geoprobe® 4.5 in. Heavy Duty (HD) sonic drill rod (front) and traditional sonic drill rod (back). Increased tool joint strength holds up to the harshest sonic drilling conditions.

Spring Assisted Swivel Lift Cap

Designed to reduce operator fatigue when adding or removing sections of rods to the tool string. Available in 2.25 Box, 2.25 Pin, NWJ, and AWJ.

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