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CPT Drill Rigs by Geoprobe®

Reaching Greater Depths

Whether you’re seeking a dedicated CPT drill rig to conduct your penetrometer test or a more versatile CPT drill rig to also conduct other types of drilling applications, our CPT drill rigs are only considered ‘CPT-ready” if they incorporate:

  • Downforce: effectively push CPT with force to execute the work
  • Automatic Head Feed Rate Control: provide a consistent 2cm/sec CPT push rate, meeting ASTM standards
  • Downforce Limit Control: control in the menu of the system display to derate the downforce and observe the pressure being placed on the cone, providing another operator checkpoint (available on the 3126GT, 3100GT, 3230DT, and 2060CPT)

Static Push Platforms
Our dedicated 20-ton capacity CPT drill rig options provide choices between climate-controlled cabin crawlers and nimble skid-steer or drill rig mounted presses.

Anchoring Platforms
Our combination CPT drill rig platform options are able to take the drill head close to the ground, often reaching greater depths than conventional rigs by leaving less rod in the air. Multiple CPT drill rig anchoring options provide the flexibility desired to reach depth depending on the site conditions.

With rig service shops in Pennsylvania, Kansas, and Florida, you’ll have industry-leading CPT drill rig service support nearby for your routine maintenance or more in-depth rig remounting and refurbishment work - keeping your CPT drill rig in the field earning dollars. Our service technicians are backed by our team of engineers to ensure solutions not bandaids to issues. And our production processes mean your CPT drill rig is constructed consistently and tested thoroughly to ensure easier service support.

Engineered with easy, fast, safe penetrometer testing in mind, investing in a Geoprobe® CPT drill rig boosts sampling accuracy while reaching greater depths.

Need technical support for your CPT drill rig? Give us a call

Owners maximize their investment by relying on our CPT technical team - with more than 20 years of experience - to provide CPT troubleshooting, spare parts, service and repairs. Our goal is to help make your tough job faster, safer, and easier. Partner with us and we'll work to decrease your time on the job while increasing your family time.

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“We’re able to do more CPT pushing through sand layers and denser materials, gathering more data than before. With a traditional rig, we’d start bending rods in stiffer materials rather than going deeper.”

Nicolas Glennie, Engineer, Nebraska Department of Transportation

CPT (Dedicated Rigs)

2060CPT provides comfortable climate-controlled cabin for static-weight CPT machine

2060CPT Rig

Rely on static weight from the comfort of a CPT machine with a climate-controlled cabin when using the 2060CPT crawler to conduct CPT or Direct Image® logging.

Expand CPT access with 20CPT press

20CPT Press

Expand CPT access with lightweight, compact 20CPT Press and tailor your CPT rig by mounting to a skid steer or on a 6712DT small drill rig.

CPT (Optional)

3230DT drill rig efficiently switches from rotary drilling to CPT

3230DT Drill Rig

Quickly and easily switch from percussion direct push to core drilling or to hollow stem auger over CPT to save time.

7822DT rotary drilling rigs capability ensures stability for 15 tons of push during CPT

7822DT Drill Rig

CPT with up to 15 tons of push possible via rotary head torque enabling insertion of ample-sized anchors to stabilize versatile 7822DT rotary drilling rigs

3126GT geotechnical drill completes CPT

3126GT Geotechnical Drill Rig

Efficiently complete CPT testing with integrated CPT head-feed rate control, including cone overload protection, on the 3126GT geotechnical drill.

3145GT set up with CPT head-feed rate

3145GT Geotechnical Drill Rig

Easily complete Cone Penetration Testing with integrated CPT head-feed rate control, including cone overload protection, on the 3145GT geotechnical drill.

3100GT completes CPT with option for augering

3100GT Geotechnical Drill Rig

Quick addition of anchors and use of automatic head feed control makes conducting CPT simple while still allowing for option of auger drilling.

6712DT CPT press

6712DT Drill Rig

Adding a detachable 20CPT press to 6712DT provides flexibility for direct push or cone penetration testing.

6011DT CPT options available

6011DT Drill Rig

Addition of a few components makes CPT possible in tight spaces using the 6011DT.

Depend on Team Geoprobe®

Since 1987, Geoprobe® has manufactured innovative drilling rigs and tooling - engineered for efficiency and safety - simplifying drillers’ jobs and empowering their companies to succeed as productive and profitable leaders in the industry. When you partner with Geoprobe® you receive:

Customer-inspired Innovation

Engineering and building industry-leading drilling rigs, tooling, and techniques for the technical driller based on your needs to work safer and more efficiently.

Exceptional Value

Ensuring drilling rigs and tooling are created in conjunction – with consistent quality – to collect the highest-quality information with the most accurate result to get you to, into, and through the job efficiently.

Superior Service

Equipping you to do your best job and keeping you in the field via one-on-one expert sales and service technicians manning live support phone lines, shipping necessary parts same-day.