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Carbon Farming by Geoprobe®

Efficiently Collect Cores to Assess Regenerative Agriculture Practices Used for Carbon Farming

Regenerative agriculture plays a critical role in maintaining healthy soil for the planet and future generations, including supporting biodiversity, producing food, and storing soil carbon. Carbon farming involves using regenerative agriculture techniques such as planting cover crops, reducing tillage, and composting organic matter to increase the land’s ability to store soil carbon. This soil carbon sequestration reduces the amount of greenhouse gases contributing to climate change. Soil carbon sequestration also increases the soil organic matter and improves soil structure for a positive influence on crop yields and soil fertility.

Assessing soil carbon sequestration rates requires collecting soil cores to measure changes in soil carbon. Geoprobe® got its start innovating the first direct push drill rigs and soil sampling systems, changing the way soil samples were collected for environmental investigations. These time-tested techniques prove efficient when collecting soil carbon sample cores. Monetizing sequestered carbon and fulfilling Measurement, Reporting, Verfication (MRV) requirements requires rapid, high-density sampling in all soil types - the same type of efficient fieldwork we've been helping our customers achieve for decades. 

Tooling System Options for Collecting Soil Carbon Cores

Our single rod soil sampler systems were designed to provide a robust, dependable and efficient means to collect shallow soil samples and are suitable for soil carbon core collection efforts, depending upon geography and soil volume required for soil carbon analysis.

MC7 Soil Sampling System for Soil Carbon

Macro-Core® MC7 yields a discrete, continuous 2.6-inch diameter soil core and has a good soil core diameter to sampler wall kerf ratio, favorable when maximum soil core recovery is important. The larger diameter proves advantageous when sampling in course sands or gravels.

MC5 Soil Sampling System for Soil Carbon

Macro-Core® MC5 sampler collects a discrete, continuous 1.85-inch diameter soil core for assessing soil carbon sequestration. This soil sampling probe works well in medium- to fine-grained cohesive materials such as silty clay soils or sediments. 

Need ideas for increasing your soil carbon sampling efficiency? Give us a call.

Our tooling engineers are continually working to introduce new designs and innovative techniques to simplify fieldwork across an array of industries, including collecting high-quality soil carbon cores. They thrive on collaborating with customers to maximize investigation success and make jobs faster, easier, and safer. Partner with us and we'll work to decrease your soil carbon sampling time while increasing your family time.

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