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Prepack Installation

Geoprobe® Systems offers groundwater sampling tools, monitoring wells, and accessories to help characterize the water quality and extent of potential contamination - including PFAS - during environmental assessments and investigations in unconsolidated soils and sediments.

Groundwater Sampling

Certain types of groundwater samplers are installed temporarily (SP16, SP22, Mill Slotted Rods) allowing for quick sample collection along with slug testing capabilities, then the sampler is removed decontaminated, and used at the next location.

Groundwater Monitoring Wells

Geoprobe® Prepacks work well for both long and short term groundwater monitoring wells. They are available in a variety of sizes and are quick to install.

Most of the groundwater samplers permit you to conduct bottom-up grouting to meet regulatory requirements for borehole abandonment. These simple, cost-effective tools have changed the way many environmental assessments and remedial investigations are conducted. Simpler can be better... smarter... and less expensive.

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