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Spring Assisted Swivel Lift Cap

Today’s larger machines enable operators to handle long sections of inner drilling rod with an overhead winch. The Spring Assisted Swivel Lift Cap is designed to reduce operator fatigue when adding or removing sections of drilling rod to the inner tool string ... safely and easily. Spring Assisted Swivel Lift Caps do the heavy lifting by carrying the weight of the drilling rod string while self-aligning tool strings for easier assembly.

Advantages When Handling Drilling Rod Strings

  • Abrasive tape around the body of the lift cap making them easier to grip.
  • Spring assistance increasing range of acceptable winch cable tension.
  • Minimized effort and maximized speed to make and break joints.
  • Better quality bearings for smoother operation.

Recent revisions make the Spring Assisted Swivel Lift Cap lighter weight and improve vent holes, specifically for handling drilling rod strings on geotechnical jobs.

The Spring Assisted Swivel Lift Cap is available in the following sizes:

  • NWJ (Pin)
  • AWJ (Pin)
  • 2.25 (Box)
  • 2.25 (Pin)
  • 3.25 (Box)
  • 3.75 (Box)
  • 4.5 (Box)

Tooling Links

We've had good response from the drill crews. They appreciate the ease of putting them on and taking them off, and the little more play the spring assisted swivel lift cap provides regarding tension kept on the winch line.

- Greg Scallon, Operations Manager, Braun Intertec Corporation


Strengthening drilling safety protocols across the company included stocking spring assisted swivel lift caps.

ID: 12381 | Date:

With tooling designed for the user while still meeting ASTM standards, geotechnical engineering firm drill crews appreciate the ease and simplicity of two recent tooling innovations - the spring assisted swivel lift cap and the interlocking split spoon.

ID: 5738 | Date:

Now even easier on the forearms and wrists, the NEW Spring Assisted Swivel Lift Caps are lighter weight and feature improved vent holes...

ID: 5242 | Date:

Ample rains the past few years have the United States Army Corps of Engineers out of Omaha, Nebraska, busy from the Mississippi River west conducting geotechnical tests on levies and damns...

ID: 5337 | Date:

Control of the winch line tension by the springs in the cap creates natural alignment and prevents binding of threads – making threading and unthreading rods quicker...

ID: 5232 | Date:


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