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Probing Times

You’ve landed on the home page of The Probing Times, the official publication of Geoprobe Systems®.  It’s a great place to start when you want to know what’s happening with all things Geoprobe®!  Inside you’ll find information on new Geoprobe® products and equipment, machine features, project stories from Geoprobe® customers, service information, photos of Geoprobe® events, and the newest inductees to the Geoprobe® 100 Club.  There’s a wide sampling of all types of environmental, geotechnical and mining exploration projects completed all over the world.

If you’d like to submit a story where Geoprobe® equipment was used or if you’ve qualified for the ‘Geoprobe 100 Club’, please contact Sharon at probingtimes@geoprobe.com.  We’re always looking for great stories!

Call Lori at 1-800-436-7762 to sign up for your free printed subscription.

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