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Geoprobe® 6712DT Overview

Video Summary:

This video looks at the features of the Geoprobe® 6712DT direct push rig.

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6712DT direct push drill rig

6712DT Drill Rig


The Geoprobe® 6712DT provides flexible mobilization with versatility to accomplish an array of drilling operations. The lightweight, small rig is ideal for small to medium direct push projects but packs the power to perform shallow augering. Completing multiple functions with the single rig reduces dependency on contracting services or mobilizing extra equipment.

Designed in three components, the 6712DT can be air-lifted to remote mountain tops or into cavernous structures. The small footprint is ideal for tight spaces while the modular design distinguishes it among rigs for remote locations.

The 6712DT provides: • Straight-forward operations, optimizing productivity. • Engine monitoring from the display screen, simplifying operation and increasing safety. • Easy access to key components, streamlining service and maintenance.

With flexibility to interchange masts, the 6712DT can also serve as an easily mobilized CPT rig by mounting a 20CPT Press with its 20-tons of downforce and 30-tons of pull using integrated anchors.

Companies seeking to increase in-house drilling and reduce rescheduled jobs choose the versatility of the small, multi-functional 6712DT to take their business to the next level.