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Sample Results

Direct push soil sample tools do not remove cuttings from the bore hole but depend on specialty designed soil samplers that are advanced through unconsolidated soil formations via static weight and percussion energy to collect the soil sample. Benefits include the ability to recover continuous soil sample cores through holes barely larger than the core itself, the absence of cuttings, and the ability to recover cores using relatively small and highly mobile machinery.

Single Rod Soil Sample Systems

Single Rod Soil Sample Systems are robust, dependable, and efficient methods at collecting shallow soil samples. At less than 20 feet, they are hard to beat! Single rod soil samplers for soil profiles include Macro-Core® and LB.

Dual Tube Soil Sample Systems

As the name implies, dual tube soil sample systems uses two separate rod systems to perform soil sampling: there is an outer drive casing which is advanced incrementally into the soil, and an inner rod string which is cycled in and out of the casing to retrieve soil cores. Sampling in this manner means that the probe hole remains cased during the sampling operations, precluding cross contamination. Dual tube systems offer improved sampling speed and flexability with the ability to perform multi-sampling tasks in a single borehole. These can include groundwater sampling, soil vapor sampling or implants, setting sparge points, and setting monitoring wells in the same operation.

Innovation of Soil Sample Tools

Geoprobe Systems® has offered direct push soil sample tools for more than two decades. However our development in this category is far from static. Our staff constantly innovates improvements in soil sampling systems. We have never stopped designing, redesigning, prototyping, testing, and proving new and improved soil sampling systems.

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