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Whole City Bricks Found in DT60 Core

Adam Sweet of Horizon Construction and Exploration recover samples with Geoprobe® 3230DT

Adam Sweet, (left) Vice President of Horizon Construction and Exploration, and Robert Albinger recover 6-in. samples with the 3230DT on its first project in Milwaukee, WI.

“The environmental drilling industry is a competitive market. But with Geoprobe® technology on the cutting edge, we believe they can give us an advantage in a market where sometimes saving the client a little bit of money can go a long way in bringing back repeat business,” so believes Adam Sweet, Vice President of Horizon Construction and Exploration in Fredonia, WI.

Specifically, Adam thinks the DT60 sampling system, used with the Geoprobe® 3230DT, delivers incredible quality soil samples, but delivers a 6-in. borehole meeting proper well codes for installing standard 2.0-in. monitoring wells without the use of prepacks.

Horizon has used Macro-Core® sampling in the past and their 7822DT with great success, but knew DT37 and larger dual tube methods were on the rise. Adam also had a new 3230DT image in the back of his mind. The 3230DT would provide the speed and power necessary for completing these new projects. 

After a rainy day demo in Wisconsin, Lee Shaw, Geoprobe® Midwest Sales, showed Adam and his crew the capabilities of the powerful combo rig. “After that, we really couldn’t wait to get our hands on the 3230DT and DT60 sampling system. The benefits could be potentially earth shattering for us,” Adam said.

Horizon Construction and Exploration install monitoring wells in newly paved parking lot.

Robert Albinger uses a 3230DT to install monitoring wells in a newly paved parking lot. DT60 system was used for soil core collection and the outter casing is used for installing the well.

The DT60 system was easy to operate. Not only is its size impressive, “but the mechanics of how it operates is even cooler,” Adam said. The patent pending split sheath, that can be run with collapsible liners or with no liner at all, literally comes apart, almost as if it is a giant split spoon, but with a way fancier cut!” he added.

It was the typical ‘Lee Shaw Shock and Awe’ demo! 

Inhouse talks. Decision made. Order placed. Delivery scheduled.  

Horizon’s first 3230DT project landed them on an historical property in Milwaukee’s Third Ward District. The rig was used for pulling soil samples with the DT60 system and installing monitoring wells. Horizon’s clients were “very impressed” by the soil samples recovered. “In one case, our field team recovered multiple, whole cream city bricks inside of the sample sheath which were easy to identify.” Adam added, “The best part is we saved our client the cost of hauling and disposing of six 55-gallon drums of IDW.”