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Expand CPT access with 20CPT press

20CPT Press


A Cone Penetration Test is commonly used to determine the subsurface stratigraphy in situ and to estimate geotechnical parameters of the materials present.

The 20 CPT Press from Geoprobe is a flexible mast option designed specifically for performing cone penetration tests. Its quick mount design allows for attaching the CPT mast to multiple platforms, including the Geoprobe® 6712DT Direct Push Machine and various skid steer loaders. The light weight of the system and small footprint allows this setup to easily be transported from location to location. This also allows the press to access sites where surface conditions will not support a larger machine.

The 20 CPT Press is anchored using two outboard mounted hydraulic drives for installing anchors up to 15 inches in diameter. These anchors stabilize the machine during logging and provide the reaction force needed to advance the CPT cone to depth. Additionally, two front hydraulic outriggers are used for leveling the unit.

When anchored, the press has 20 tons of hydraulic downforce and 30 tons of pullback. Automatic rate control provides cone advancement at the standard 2 cm per second. A head down-pressure gauge allows the operator to monitor how much force is being applied to the rod string while pushing. A hydraulic rod clamp is used to push and pull the rod string, and is adaptable to various rod sizes.

The CPT Press has a 54-inch stroke for logging and is ideal for rod lengths of 1-meter and 48-inches. When tripping rods out of the hole, a hydraulic bottom clamp secures the rod string to prevent it from falling back downhole when the top clamp is released.

The 20 CPT Press from Geoprobe is a CPT mast with flexible mounting options. When used on a Geoprobe® 6712DT, it can be easily interchanged with the traditional 6712DT drill mast. The 20 CPT Press is designed for easy transport to and from work locations and it can operate on limited access sites. It is the next generation CPT platform from Geoprobe®.

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