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Drop Racks

Transport your tooling with ease when you choose one of our tool handling racks and accessories. Load up the rack and use the blade on your Geoprobe® drill rig to do the heavy lifting, carrying tooling and accessories to the job site. Tooling racks provide the flexibility to place tools within easy access of the front of the rig. Save yourself time and energy eliminating walking around the drill rig to get to your tooling. 

Our newest "super rack" MN 236709 includes:

  • 100 gallon mud tub 100 gal 
  • Welded hook locations in four corners for easy tie down 
  • Pinned-in end gates to keep the tools in the rack, doubling as a platform for standing on when placed on the mud tub
  • Tool organizing bins
  • HSA – DPT tooling divider
  • Flip-up tray
  • Vise and mount  
  • 150 gal H20 tank with 2-inch male outlet 
  • Water hose management bracket

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With a few basic movements and one ‘touch’ of the drill stem, sonic tooling can be loaded into the rig’s rod loader, and the machine’s functions take over...

ID: 5209 | Date: 2016-08-25