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Who Is Geoprobe®

More Than a Drilling Rig Company

Founded by two engineers in 1987, Geoprobe Systems® manufactured and introduced the first direct push machines and tooling to the environmental Industry, changing the way soil, groundwater, and soil gas samples were collected. Ever since those first direct push machines and tooling went to the field, we have invested heavily in engineering to continue the development of new designs and innovative techniques for fieldwork simplified across a wide array of drilling industries. 


Our environmental, geotechnical, and exploration rigs, tooling, and techniques are used around the globe to: 

  • Investigate environmental sites with minimal soil disruption, identifying contamination pathways for remediation efforts
  • Sample soil geologies to assess potential for safe building and roadway construction
  • Evaluate soil composition for extraction of high-grade minerals for manufacturing

In 2017, we acquired the DRILLMAX® line of rotary drill rigs, building on their 40-year reputation in the water well business and enhancing manufacturing processes to ensure durability and easy maintenance. Our DM series of rigs are used around the country to:

  • Restore or construct residential or agricultural water sources
  • Retrofit or build energy efficient geothermal loops for residential or commercial use
  • Dewater sites for efficient extraction of construction materials such as clay
  • Install cathodic protection systems to minimize corrosion around infrastructure

More than just a drilling rig company, Geoprobe Systems® continues to design, manufacture and test drill rigs and tooling - distributing products under the Geoprobe® brand all over the world. Environmental, geotechnical, exploration, water well, geothermal, cathodic protection, and construction drilling industry leaders look to Geoprobe® for innovative new drilling products and technology in order to work safer and more efficiently while they perform investigative or production drilling.

As the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) of technical drilling rigs and tooling, count on Team Geoprobe® to deliver a well-tested, superior product, with consistent quality and designed for optimum performance. You can depend on the tools and equipment Team Geoprobe® develops. You can rely on the service and support Team Geoprobe® provides. 

Our engineers research the need for a specific tool or drill rig feature, then through ongoing testing and development – by our team and yours – we continually make improvements. When you purchase products from Geoprobe Systems® you aren’t just buying a tool or a drill rig. You’re investing in continued innovation, enabling stronger, easier, more versatile tools and drill rigs for the future. Nobody can say what the next generation of tools or drill rigs will look like, but with the Geoprobe® brand on them, they’ll make your fieldwork simplified.

Discover what's Behind the Design of several of our most recent innovations.

Tooling Systems

Using direct push, rotary, and sonic methods, our tooling systems are renowned for extracting high-quality soil, groundwater, and rock samples in a safe and efficient manner. Our engineers leverage their own well drilling experience along with years of developing tooling systems for the environmental and geotechnical markets to design water well drilling tools suited to make well drilling efficient and safe. Known for developing industry-benchmark tools and techniques, we work with the best technical drilling companies to address their challenges by manufacturing reliable products, providing knowledgeable product service, and delivering superior training and support.

Drilling Rigs

Compared to other types of drill rigs, our reputation as a drilling rig company was built by manufacturing light-weight drill rigs with a small footprint for minimal impact on the surroundings and environment. As we've expanded our product line, you'll find Geoprobe® machines mounted on tracks or on heavy-duty trucks, ranging in size from small, limited-access machines to fit into extremely tight spaces up to large platform/big performance rotary sonic rigs.  Beginning in 2017 we acquired DRILLMAX® began engineering and manufacturing mud and air rotary water well rigs to make water well, geothermal, and cathodic protection jobs faster, easier, and safer.

As the drilling rig company originally manufacturing direct push equipment - machines to ‘push’ tools and samplers into the ground without the use of drilling to remove soil to make a path for the tool – we specialize in combination drill rigs designed to perform soil, groundwater, and rock sampling with a single drill rig versus multiple machines. You’ll find these machines flexible to perform multiple tasks - HSA, SPT, CPT, DPT, rock coring, mud rotary, air rotary, and drive and wash - in a single mobilization which allows you to reduce your client’s time and expenses.

All Geoprobe® drilling rigs mobilize easily, including our largest, full-sized rotary sonic rig designed to fit inside a 15-meter cube shipping container. Our large sonic rigs have the power to compete with larger rigs, but their size and light weight allow for access to remote or confined sites.

As much more than just a drilling rig company, we strive to produce the best possible soil probing and drilling equipment, focusing on improving your bottom line by making all environmental, geotechnical, exploration, water well, geothermal, cathodic protection, and construction Geoprobe® drill rigs:

  • Fuel efficient
  • Low maintenance
  • Low mobilization and operating costs
  • High utilization

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