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DT22 Soil Sampling System Overview

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  • 540MT

    No carrier vehicle to contend with but still the reliable Geoprobe® direct push power you've come to expect. The Model 540MT probe assembly is fabricated from the same components as other 5400 Series machines.

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  • 5410

    The 5410 features a 54-in. stroke and 25,000 lb. of pulling capacity for subsurface work. Lateral movement of the unit provides for offset placement of the probe without moving the carrier vehicle.

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  • 54LT

    The Geoprobe® Model 54LT direct push machine is a rugged, compact probing unit designed for tight spaces and rough terrain.

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  • 54TR

    We've mounted our popular 5400 series direct push probing machine to a Model 4115 John Deere, four-wheel-drive, off-road tractor as another option for specialty site needs. The Model 54TR is small and compact, and with its rubber tires it easily moves about the site.

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  • 6712DT

    The 6712DT combines the strengths of the 6610DT (such as its Size and Cost Effectiveness) with creature comforts previously only seen in larger machines. It breaks into 3 separate components for easy travel overseas, it is Heli-Portable, and is a snap to put back together again.

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  • 7822DT

    The Geoprobe® Model 7822DT is a high-capacity direct push machine with a narrow platform for limited access areas and a sufficient stroke for added work space under the hammer.

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