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Drilling Rigs by Geoprobe®

Engineered and Manufactured by Geoprobe®

Ranging in size from small, limited access drilling rigs to large platform/big performance sonic rotary rigs, our drill rigs cover a range of applications. To advance tooling into the subsurface, our compact, hydraulically-powered drilling rigs use static weight in combination with dynamic forces such as:

  • percussion
  • rotation
  • sonic vibration

    Engineered for versatility and manufactured for reliability, your drill rigs will have the flexibility you need in the field to complete your drilling:

    • faster
    • easier
    • safer

      Companies notice training new drillers and making them productive as they’re coming up the curve is easier on Geoprobe® drilling rigs thanks to:

      • Digital readouts providing instant feedback
      • Safety enhancing features
      • Easy operation, building confidence
      • Availability of training options

          Owners depend on our ongoing commitment to innovation and industry-leading customer support to advance their business ahead of the competition.

          With rig service shops in Pennsylvania, Kansas, and Florida, you’ll have industry-leading drill rig service support nearby for your routine maintenance or more in-depth rig remounting and refurbishment work - keeping your drilling rigs in the field earning dollars. Our service technicians are backed by our team of engineers to ensure solutions not bandaids to issues. And our production processes mean your drilling rigs are constructed consistently and tested thoroughly to ensure easier service support.

          Don't see a feature you're looking for on your drilling rigs?  Give us a call

          Our team of engineers thrives on collaborating with drillers while they continually innovate new designs for our line of drilling rigs. Our goal is to help make your tough job faster, safer, and easier. Partner with us and we'll work to decrease your time on the job while increasing your family time.

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          1835 Wall Street
          Salina, Kansas 67401
          Phone: (785) 825-1842

          “Geoprobe® engineers understand clients’ need to find new drillers and are building equipment that helps ease the training of new drillers. I appreciate the willingness of the engineering staff to listen and understand what drillers need in a rig.”

          Jim Fore, Operator, Enviroprobe Integrated Solutions, West Virginia

          8250LS completes sonic boring with 20-foot tooling

          8250LS Sonic Drill Rig

          Quickly provide continuous, undisturbed core samples to impressive depths utilizing 20-foot tooling with the 8250LS sonic drill rig.

          8150LS sonic drilling rig

          8150LS Sonic Drill Rig

          Increase depth advancement and recovery speeds while minimizing waste with the 8150LS sonic drilling rig engineered for driller safety, sampling speed, and operation efficiency.

          3230DT drill rig combines rotary and direct push functions

          3230DT Drill Rig

          Combine geotechnical augering and high-speed rotary with advanced direct push capability to offer additional services to your customers, quickly going from coring rock to pushing CPT - all in one drill rig.

          7822DT rotary drilling rigs capability with direct push finesse

          7822DT Drill Rig

          From crowded street corners to far removed places, tackle various environmental, geotechnical and exploration applications with a single machine combining rotary drilling and direct push, saving time and money required to mobilize multiple drill rigs.

          3126GT geotechnical drill features centerline head side shift

          3126GT Geotechnical Drill Rig

          Save time and effort swiftly sliding the innovative centerline head side shift into position for rotary, automatic drop hammer, event CPT or direct push. No need to move the geotechnical drill or drill mast on the compact, off road drill rig.

          3145GT combines 31 series drill mast with crawler carrier

          3145GT Geotechnical Drill Rig

          Punch out power and pipe line projects with efficiency and performance of 31 series drill mast aligning all head and winch functions over the bore hole combined with creature comforts of a crawler carrier.

          3100GT drilling truck for efficient geotech investigations without requiring a class A/B CDL

          3100GT Geotechnical Drill Rig

          Efficiently complete geotech investigations sliding between drilling functions all without the need for a class A/B CDL, safely bringing new drillers up the learning curve on the drilling truck.

          2060CPT provides comfortable climate-controlled cabin for static-weight CPT machine

          2060CPT Rig

          Rely on static weight from the comfort of a CPT machine with a climate-controlled cabin when using the 2060CPT crawler to conduct CPT or Direct Image® logging.

          Expand CPT access with 20CPT press

          20CPT Press

          Expand CPT access with lightweight, compact 20CPT Press and tailor your CPT rig by mounting to a skid steer or on a 6712DT small drill rig.

          6712DT direct push drill rig

          6712DT Drill Rig

          Engineered to separate into sections for helicopter transport, the 6712DT leverages its Tier 4 engine for additional power and control to make environmental work easier.

          Geoprobe® 6011DT Direct Push Drill Rig

          6011DT Drill Rig

          Featuring a proven GH63 percussion hammer and able to use 5-foot tooling, the 6011DT direct push drill rig is still being sized to slip into small spaces.

          5410 has 54-inch stroke and 28,900-lb pulling capacity

          5410 Drill Rig

          Complete small to medium direct push jobs with probe and tools transported in a single rig with the 5410 truck mounted drill rig.

          54LT enters interior spaces with ease

          54LT Drill Rig

          Sliding into standard doorways enables the 54LT mini drill rig to access tight spaces while still packing the power to probe through tough geographies.

          540MT limited access drill rig with external power source

          540MT Drill Rig

          Access remote sites or tight spaces using the dollie-mounted 540MT limited access drill rig with reliable direct push power.

          420M can be manually lifted to hard-to-reach job sites

          420M Drill Rig

          Manually lift and carry the 420M portable drill rig into hard-to-reach job sites with a mast weight less than 450 lbs.

          small drilling rigs for sale DM250 engineering sets it apart from the competition.

          DM250 Water Well Drill Rig

          From simple operation and surprising power to fast production with 20-foot stroke, DM250 offers loads of added value all under class A/B CDL.

          DM450 truck mounted water well drilling rig amplifies production on commercial jobs.

          DM450 Water Well Drill Rig

          Tophead offering both torque and speed to the impressive power to weight ratio make the DM450 well suited for water well, geothermal, and/or cathodic protection drilling while minimizing maintenance.

          DM650 can be outfitted for air drilling or as mud drilling

          DM650 Water Well Drill Rig

          Outfit as down the hole drill or mud drill with the power of 28.5-foot stroke, 40,000 lb pullback, and 8,000 ft-lb torque to handle deeper wells along with weight of steel casing.

          Depend on Team Geoprobe®

          Since 1987, Geoprobe® has manufactured innovative drilling rigs and tooling - engineered for efficiency and safety - simplifying drillers’ jobs and empowering their companies to succeed as productive and profitable leaders in the industry. When you partner with Geoprobe® you receive:

          Customer-inspired Innovation

          Engineering and building industry-leading drilling rigs, tooling, and techniques for the technical driller based on your needs to work safer and more efficiently.

          Exceptional Value

          Ensuring drilling rigs and tooling are created in conjunction – with consistent quality – to collect the highest-quality information with the most accurate result to get you to, into, and through the job efficiently.

          Superior Service

          Equipping you to do your best job and keeping you in the field via one-on-one expert sales and service technicians manning live support phone lines, shipping necessary parts same-day.