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Service, the Geoprobe® Way

Since I don’t have the opportunity to talk to you face-to-face about what makes our Service superior, maybe we can highlight a couple of thoughts I have and try to make sense of them! - Darren Stanley, Geoprobe® Director of Service

What makes Geoprobe® Service Great?

Whether it’s routine maintenance or machine upgrades or total refurbs, our service guys really like helping our customers! And with the support of the engineering team, we’ve got you covered. Your success is truly important to us.

We have original OEM replacement parts in stock available for same-day shipments. We also have rebuilt hammers and sonic heads available to eliminate downtime when repairs are needed.

Once your machine arrives in Kansas, we’re on it! You’re our priority. One recent example was Brad Carr, with the University of Wyoming, who brought in his 7822DT for its first 200-hr service check. He was in and out in half a day. “Everything was great!” he told us.

We have rental machines available to keep you in the field while your machine is here in Kansas with us. No down time for you. When your service is complete, we simply swap machines with you.

If you’re too busy to drive in your machine to our service center, no worries. We can help organize the logistics. There are times when we can move machines very efficiently at a surprising low cost.

For customers that have a desire to grow their service skills, we’ll teach you how to service and maintain your own rig, from slide replacement, electrical troubleshooting, to percussion hammer and sonic head repair.

  • Mark Wessel, Geoprobe® Hammer Specialist, demonstrates to customers how to install a new seal kit to a GH60 Series percussion hammer.
  • Roman Burrows
  • Todd Ewing
  • Bryan Lorenson
  • Brian Rogers
  • Darren Stanley