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7822DT Meets Required Checklist for Holocene Drilling’s Urban Needs

Soil confirmation in downtown Seattle, Washington.

Soil confirmation borings had previously been completed on this Electrical Resistance Heating (ERS) site in downtown Seattle, WA. Holocene Drilling returned with their new 7822DT to confirm the project’s success. The small footprint of the 7822DT allowed the company to access the boring locations within a very confined area.

Holocene Drilling, Inc., servicing the Seattle, WA, and Portland, OR, markets, constantly works in crowded urban areas. That’s why, when the task came to invest in another drill rig, the company put together a ‘Must Do’ list that the new machine had to meet.

Holocene needed a powerful direct push rig that could penetrate the varied Pacific Northwest subsurface conditions, but was small enough to access even the most crowded urban sites. They also needed the versatility of a low overhead rig that could sample soil and groundwater, and could set small diameter monitoring wells. They found that the Geoprobe® 7822DT met those requirements.

The company often encounters buried concrete slabs.  

With the power of the GH64 hammer and its rotational features, the 7822DT can core through unexpected buried concrete and continue to work without interruption.

The compact footprint of the 7822DT helps fit in alleyways and between buildings.

Working in the city provides a different set of restrictions for drill rigs. The compact footprint of the 7822DT helps it maneuver within the confines of alleyways and between buildings.

Holocene recently conducted confirmation soil borings on an Electrical Resistance Heating (ERS) site in downtown Seattle. Holocene initially drilled and installed over 40 electrodes and thermal monitoring points on this small urban site, and returned with the 7822DT to confirm the project’s success. Without the narrow footprint and maneuvering ability of the 7822DT, they would not have been able to access all the confirmation boring locations.

This ongoing project will eventually facilitate the redevelopment of a valuable piece of commercial urban property.