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Most Versatile CPT Push Platform

Searching for a pot of gold!

Searching for a pot of gold!

The 6622CPT punches way above its weight, literally!! The small and compact platform enables the rig to get into tight access locations and inside buildings with ease, and the overall dimensions of the rig enable CPT pushes in the space of a car parking space without blocking traffic flow. And the next day our rig could be scaling up sand dunes or cross country over hills and dirt tracks and on the sloped face of a dam. The stability and low center of gravity of the rig makes it very adaptable to traversing across rough terrain, and its light weight ensures it won’t get bogged down or stuck.

We have confidence that the power of the push cylinders will get the probe to the depth of a large, static-weighted rig. Its secret is the powerful auger anchoring system. Since there is no need to move the rig to drive in separate anchors, set up is fast! We just level the rig in the test location and screw the augers to depth. The augers cause minimal disturbance to the ground.

The percussion hammer on the rig allows us to use a concrete steel to punch a small hole through the concrete to enable the probe to be pushed into the ground below the slab. Mobilizing one rig to a site to complete all CPT testing saves time and money for our clients. No worries about the concrete cutting subcontractor not showing up!

The fact that the probe is pushed at the front and not in the center of the rig means that CPT tests can be performed close to foundations, footings, piles and buildings, allowing us to collect information as close as possible to areas of interest. 

The speed of set up of the CPT rig is the key to us being able to have constant production rates of 180 total meters of CPT pushes in a day, every day. In five years of CPT testing with the 6622CPT, I have pushed over 150,000 meters of CPT tests.

Our Geoprobe® 6622CPT is truly the most versatile rig I have worked on and have seen in operation. It has enabled Pro-Drill to exceed the expectations of our clients and provide important data collection from locations and sites that would never have been possible with larger static rigs or smaller less powerful rigs.

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Photo Gallery

Searching for a pot of gold!
The machine’s light weight and small footprint enabled testing on sensitive grass turf of QBE Stadium in Auckland.
Working on swamp mats for post testing of ground strength after driven wooden piles were used to improve ground conditions for a bridge construction on state highway upgrades.
Foundation investigation on iron sand sand dunes for wind turbine construction for power generation on the west coast of Auckland.
Having the ability to set up the mast vertical while the tracks follow the slope of the terrain has given Pro-Drill the ability to perform soundings on hill faces and on dam faces without the need to dig in tracks or platforms.
Pro-Drill fabricated a foot for the augers which they dyna-bolt to concrete slabs and foundations to perform successful pushes without cutting the concrete to screw in the anchors.