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Track Mounted Drill Rigs by Geoprobe®

Efficient Success Off the Beaten Path

Whether foraging through marshland while crossing small creeks to access remote sampling locations or tracking through sloping terrain, swampy forest, and harsh winter conditions, elevate the efficiency of your track drill rigs with Geoprobe® hydraulic enhancements designed to pump up power while cutting costs. 

Meeting the latest engine emissions requirements, many of our track drill rigs offer:

  • Auto Throttle: automatically senses the load and adjusts throttle accordingly, saving fuel
  • Load-sense Hydraulics: supplies the system pressure required to perform requested tasks, reducing heating of the hydraulic fluid – important when operating in elevated ambient temperatures and performing high-duty operations such as coring, augering, or tracking long distances.

With rig service shops in North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Kansas, and Florida, you’ll have industry-leading drill rig service support nearby for your routine maintenance or more in-depth rig remounting and refurbishment work - keeping your track drill rigs in the field earning dollars. Our service technicians are backed by our team of engineers to ensure solutions not bandaids to issues. And our production processes mean your track drill rigs are constructed consistently and tested thoroughly to ensure easier service support.

Engineered with versatility and ease in mind, investing in Geoprobe® track drill rigs provides efficient success off the beaten path by nimbly maneuvering you to remote sites while diversifying drilling and sampling options all with a single track mounted drill rig.

Don't see a feature you're looking for on your track drill rigs?  Give us a call

Our team of engineers thrives on collaborating with drillers while they continually innovate new designs for our track drill rigs. Our goal is to make your job faster, safer, and easier. Partner with us and we'll work to decrease your track drill rigs downtime while increasing your family time.

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8250LS track based rig for sonic boring

8250LS Sonic Drill Rig

8250LS packs power to advance 20-foot tooling with easy maneuverability of track base.

8150LS track mounted sonic drilling rig

8150LS Sonic Drill Rig

Efficiency of the track mounted 8150LS sonic drilling rig saves time and keeps waste to a minimum and when combined with the rod loader and indexing rack provides additional safety to the driller.

Direct Push & Rotary

3230DT drill rig tracks provide easy access to remote locations

3230DT Drill Rig

Tier 4 engine enhancements on the 3230DT drill rig mean cooler hydraulics when tracking to remote locations for geotechnical or environmental investigations.

7822DT V3 enhancements keep production on pace even in tough terrain

7822DT Drill Rig

7822DT V3 enhancements keep production on pace even in tough terrain while diamond coring to complete geotechnical survey, advancing CPWL tools to 100 feet in weathered basalt formation, often driving SPT samples between core runs.

Geotechnical & CPT

3126GT track mounted geotechnical drill

3126GT Geotechnical Drill Rig

Wider and larger track base on 3126GT geotechnical drill provides additional clearance to tackle difficult terrain.

3145GT combines crawler carrier with centerline head side shift

3145GT Geotechnical Drill Rig

Quickly trek long distances across tough terrain with 3145GT crawler carrier featuring centerline head side shift to align all head and winch functions over the bore hole without moving mast or machine.

CPT machine on tracks uses static weight to conduct CPT or DI logging.

2060CPT Rig

Enjoy climate-controlled comfort to complete CPT or Direct Image® logging on tracked 2060CPT crawler.

20CPT Press accesses remote sites via tracks on a skid steer or 6712DT

20CPT Press

Track into remote sites with lightweight 20CPT Press mounted to a skid steer or 6712DT.

Direct Push

6712DT track mounted direct push drilling rig

6712DT Drill Rig

Modular design of track mounted 6712DT small drilling rig provides easy transport to tops of mountains or extremely remote locations with no access options other than a helicopter.

Geoprobe® 6011DT

6011DT Drill Rig

Efficiently track to job site with 4,800-lb direct push platform 6011DT.

Depend on Team Geoprobe®

Since 1987, Geoprobe® has manufactured innovative drilling rigs and tooling - engineered for efficiency and safety - simplifying drillers’ jobs and empowering their companies to succeed as productive and profitable leaders in the industry. When you partner with Geoprobe® you receive:

Customer-inspired Innovation

Engineering and building industry-leading drilling rigs, tooling, and techniques for the technical driller based on your needs to work safer and more efficiently.

Exceptional Value

Ensuring drilling rigs and tooling are created in conjunction – with consistent quality – to collect the highest-quality information with the most accurate result to get you to, into, and through the job efficiently.

Superior Service

Equipping you to do your best job and keeping you in the field via one-on-one expert sales and service technicians manning live support phone lines, shipping necessary parts same-day.