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EnviroProbe Packs Double Punch With Sonic & 3230DT

Because temporary ‘roads’ were uneven, oscillationing the 3230DT and 7822DT drill masts made adjusting to side-hill terrain easy.

Because temporary ‘roads’ were uneven, oscillationing the 3230DT and 7822DT drill masts made adjusting to side-hill terrain easy.

The Force is definitely with EnviroProbe Integrated Solutions, Inc., when it comes to knocking out environmental, geotechnical and exploration work. With the recent addition of the Geoprobe® 8150LS Rotary Sonic, coupled with the power of the 3230DT, Rod Moore, Owner of the Nitro, WV, company, and his field team are well prepared!

With their new sonic, EnviroProbe returned to a jobsite they had previously drilled, but stopped drilling when significant contamination was detected. After regrouping, taking health, safety and protection of the environment into full consideration, additional locations were drilled for environmental sampling with the 8150LS. Since geotechnical data was also needed, SPT samples were collected as well.

Sonic methods were chosen instead of augering because there are significantly less cuttings/IDW, presence of surface and subsurface concrete/obstructions, challenges with heaving sands, and a desire for geotechnical and environmental sample collections from 80 feet.

At another site, EnviroProbe will spend the next few months installing up to 4,000 2-in. dewatering points using their 3230DT. Tooling to be used includes the DT45 system with 6-in. diameter cutting shoe/expendable point holder.

The dewatering points were installed in a flyash/bottom ash basin to depths averaging 20-ft.  EnviroProbe crews introduced sand filter pack to approximately 3-ft. bgs to allow for full-profile dewatering. Their client connected each of the dewatering points to a vacuum pumping and collection system to allow for 24/7 dewatering of the ash prior to construction of a geotextile/soil capping system. A Geoprobe® 7822DT was also used at the site.

 EnviroProbe also used the 3230DT to install larger diameter (4-in. PVC) dewatering points to depths of 80 feet using 8.25-in. hollow stem augers. These wells were screened from the bottom to between 5- to 15-ft. bgs. A sand filter pack was used above the screened interval.  

 According to Rod, the 3230DT and 7822DT easily penetrated the ash. The saturated ash was influenced by the hydrostatic pressure of the water which required EnviroProbe drillers to fill the steel with water prior to knocking out the expendable points. He explained, “The 9-in. (3230DT) and 7-in. (7822DT) breakout clamps really made handling the steel very efficient and resulted in less labor.” Because the 3230DT handled the tooling quicker, more dewatering points were installed per day using the side head clamp on the 3230DT.  

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3230DT drill rig combines rotary and direct push functions

3230DT Drill Rig

Combine geotechnical augering and high-speed rotary with advanced direct push capability to offer additional services to your customers, quickly going from coring rock to pushing CPT - all in one drill rig.

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Because temporary ‘roads’ were uneven, oscillationing the 3230DT and 7822DT drill masts made adjusting to side-hill terrain easy.
On average, the 3230DT (above) and 7822DT installed 15 to 25 dewatering points per day. Much of the variation was the result of weather and access.  The contractor on site constructed “floating” roads on the ash to allow for truck and rig traffic. The roads involved placement of geo-grid material and a combination of soil and ash to a thickness of about 5- to10-ft. to bridge over the saturated/soft ash material. This often resulted in roads that were not level.
Rod hand-picked options for the rig, including the sonic rod indexing rack.
EnviroProbe Integrated Solutions, Inc., in Nitro, WV, initiates their new Geoprobe® 8150LS Rotary Sonic at a contaminated site requiring geotechnical work near Louisville, KY.
Installing PZs using PW Wireline Casing Advancers (coal refuse impoundment) with the 3230DT.
Ronda and Rod Moore take possession of EnviroProbe’s 8150LS Sonic from Victor Rotonda, Geoprobe® Mid-Atlantic Sales.

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