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Direct Push Tooling

For many jobs, direct push technology is the quickest, easiest, cheapest means to get the desired sample. High-quality continuous samples require high-quality soil sampling tools. Depend on Genuine Geoprobe® for durable tools which work right out of the packaging and can be shipped - often same day - to your shop or site to keep your own inventory costs in check.

Geoprobe® pioneered Direct Push Subsurface Sampling Technology in 1987. A direct push machine "pushes" soil sampling tools and sensors (soil probes) into the ground without the use of drilling to remove soil to make a path for the tool. Geoprobe® direct push machines rely on a relatively small amount of static (vehicle) weight combined with percussion as the energy for advancing a tool string. Direct push soil sampling tools do not remove cuttings from the probe hole but depend on compression of soil or rearrangement of soil particles to permit advancement for the tool string. Direct push soil sampling tools or soil probes are advanced as far as possible using only the static weight of the carrier vehicle. Percussion is applied as required when advancing soil probes through sands, gravels, hard pans, high friction clays, tills, fill materials, and surface frost.

Below you will find links to all of the direct push soil sampling tools sections, including soil probe rod dimensions, liner dimensions, soil probe rods and accessories (1.25 in. - 6.0 in.), manual sampling, portable hydraulic rod clamp, and additional field accessories.

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