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Trinity Drilling is Growing & Building

When David Reinsma, now Owner of Trinity Drilling, first attended a Geoprobe® Open House event nearly eight years ago, he was working on his ‘What Do I Want To Do’ dream. He had yet to establish Trinity Drilling, but he’d seen other California Bay Area companies using Geoprobe® machines. “I just went to Kansas to see and envision a dream about what’s next for myself,” he said. 

Being involved with related industries, David had been familiar with the Geoprobe® brand for over 20 years. “I saw you grow, so I went to Salina to find out what I was going to do and what I was going to buy.”

Trinity Drilling's 7800 uses concrete coring to retrieve soil samples at a commercial development.

Eric Choi, at the controls of the Trinity Drilling 7800, using concrete coring to retrieve soil samples at a Watsonville, CA, commercial development.

Leadership. Equipment. Service. People.

“I saw in Geoprobe® the people you don’t normally see in other companies,” he added. “There was an energy, a level of commitment.     And there was leadership in the company that I could believe in. A lot of other companies provide equipment. But, I could see for myself that there was enough tooling and machines that you guys offered that I could find my future in this.”

David started his ‘dream’ with a 420M, a limited access rig, and awaited its delivery in California. A few months later, a 54LT headed to Trinity Drilling to further enhance the level of services to their clients. 

Trinity completed work for Google in Sunnyvale, CA, drilling inside a building that was being retrofitted and a new foundation was to be added. They used the 420M and 54LT, David said, “and because I’m a geologist, I designed a profiling program for them, and we pre-profiled all the soil so they could dig, get it profiled for the landfill, and direct haul it.”

Trinity Drilling complete a soil and groundwater investigation at a residential site in East Palo Alto, California.

Eric Choi and Drew Gagnier complete a soil and groundwater investigation at a residential site in East Palo Alto, CA.

Trinity has worked on Phase II projects for property transactions, including one for the Port of Oakland, an old contaminated railyard.

David believes there’s a large market for him with his limited access equipment. “I feel there’s a very large swath of services that this equipment can do that people aren’t even thinking of doing with it,” he said. “That’s what I think about at 2:00 in the morning! The Geoprobe® founders and the engineers ... they’ve all had dreams. I bought in to it, and what they don’t realize is that they’re helping me to create my dream.”

A Bigger, Better Dream.

He soon realized that a truck-mounted rig could help him capture whole projects, not just limited access work in the Bay Area. “If I had my druthers, I’d have an 8040DT, and a 7822DT, and a 7800, to work with the limited access rigs ... two sets of each, he said.

And although torn between a 7822DT and a 7800, in less than 13 months, Trinity Drilling ordered their third Geoprobe® machine. “I went with the 7800 because I could tow the trailer with the limited access rigs. The 4WD truck option allows us to go to a lot of places that are off-road.  The 7822DT was more versatile,” David added, “but I figured I could still do 80-90 percent of the 7822DT jobs.”

The 7800 setup has provided the company with good visibility throughout the Bay Area. “A 7822DT is my next rig, though!” 

Growing Services.

The Trinity team is in growth mode; building their client base, building their services, and building the reputation of the company.  “I see a lot of opportunity with this equipment. With the changes that Geoprobe® continues to make, and the fact that you’re branching into other markets, I know I’ll be following you!” David said.