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Cold Weather Operation

Cold Weather Operation

Cold Weather Start

Park machine inside a building overnight, if possible.

Newer Models:

  • Turn key on and watch display for glow plug cycle to end, indicating it is okay to start machine.

  • If your machine is equipped with a “Cold Start,” engage that manually on cold days to start the machine engine only, wait 5-10 minutes for the engine to warm up before, then disengage the Cold Start to turn on the machine hydraulics. To warm up machine hydraulics, pick a small motor (like hammer rotation) and spin for 5-10 minutes.

  • Some Machines have automatic warm-up cycles.  If machine is in automatic warm-up cycle mode at startup, the display unit will prompt you.

    NOTE: Each machine’s warm-up cycle is explained in the owner’s manual for that particular machine.

Legacy Machines:

  • Use Glow plug pre-heater at temperatures below 50 degrees F.

  • Do not use Glow plug pre-heater more than 20 seconds.

  • With the ignition switch held in the pre-heat (counterclockwise) position, the glow plugs remain on even after light goes off.

    • ​Even if red light is on, this does not mean the glow plugs are getting 12 volts.

  • ​​Do NOT crank engine more than 10 seconds at a time.

    • ​Check 30A fuse if engine will crank but not start.

Additional Tips:

  • Do NOT use ether as a starting fluid.
    • Ether is highly explosive and is used in many diesel engines but is not recommended by Geoprobe® for any Kubota or CAT engines.
  • Allow engine to warm up at a low to medium idle speed.
    • Avoid over-revving any engine too soon upon start-up. Oil needs time to reach its operating pressure to ensure that everything will be properly lubricated.
  • Hair dryers and electric blankets can also be used to warm up fuel tanks and fuel lines.
  • Space heaters can be used if they are kept a SAFE distance from flammable fluids.
  • Oxy-acetylene torches are NOT recommended for heating an engine on cold mornings. They are too dangerous.
  • Anti-freeze/coolant
    • Mixed with water at a ratio of 50/50:
      • freezing point is – 34 degrees F
      • boiling point is 226 degrees F
  • Keep battery fully charged in extremely cold weather.
    • Battery capacity drops as the temperature drops. A fully charged battery at 80º F will have less than half its charge at 0º F (about 46% of full capacity).

Fuels and Additives

  • Diesel gels around 0 ~ 5 degrees F.
    • Gelling is caused by wax forming solids in the fuel.
    • Gelling will clog fuel lines, filters, pumps, and any other small passages.
  • Never mix gasoline or alcohol to diesel fuel.
    • Improper additives will strip away oils necessary to lubricate parts in the engine.
  • Keep fuel tank at or near full in cold weather to limit condensation on tank walls.
    • This helps to prevent rust from forming inside the tank.

Running Out of Fuel or Fuel Gels

Once warmed up you may have to bleed fuel system.IFrame

For machines that are equipped with a 12V fuel pump such as 6620, and 7822DT

  • Open the bleeder screw located beside the injector pump.
  • Wait 2 minutes. Be patient.
  • Turn the key to the “on” position.
  • Close bleeder.
  • Repeat as necessary.

For machines not equipped with a 12V pump such as 54LT540UD

  • Open the bleeder thumbscrew beside the injector pump.
  • Prime the engine using the hand-operated lever located beside the injector.
  • Crank the engine for 5 ~ 10 seconds.
  • Close bleeder.
  • Repeat as necessary.

Note: Never open injector lines to bleed fuel system. Will void engine warranty.

Option 1 for COLD WEATHER Fuel

  • Use a mixture of No. 1 diesel mixed with No. 2 diesel
    • No. 1 contains less paraffin wax to gel and ignites easier. It also has fewer BTU’s of energy available and has less lubricity than No. 2.

Option 2 for COLD WEATHER

  • Use a fuel additive to prevent gelling. It also helps keep injectors clean and disperse any water in the fuel.

Option 3 for COLD WEATHER

  • Use both blended fuel and an additive to remove water from the fuel.
    • Most fuel sold in colder climates is already blended at the pump.

Service Locations

Factory Service Center - Salina, KS

1835 Wall Street • Salina, Kansas 67401


Just one mile west of I-135 and an hour and half north of Wichita or two and half hours west of Kansas City, the drill rig service team keeps customers in the field through telephone service support or in shop repairs.

Southeast Service Center - Ocala, FL

5801 SW 6th Place • Ocala, Florida 34474


Just one mile west of I-75 and an hour northwest of Orlando, drillers have come to rely on the drill rig service team with double-digit years of hands-on experience servicing any rig for helpful answers or intensive rig fixes.

East Coast Service Center - Oxford, PA

468 Limestone Rd, Oxford, PA 19363


Just 30 minutes off of I-95, an hour west of Philadelphia, and two hours southwest of Newark, New Jersey. Rely on our team for refurbishments, repairs, and aftermarket upgrades for any rig.