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Concrete Core

Probing in areas with concrete, asphalt or brick on the surface sometimes is possible by breaking through to the soil using a carbide-tipped drill bit and the Geoprobe® hammer, but other times a larger hole is required or a cored hole is specified in the work plan. The Geoprobe® concrete coring system can be used to cut a core without having to mobilize a specialized piece of equipment to the site. This improves efficiency and it adds value to your direct push machine. [Note: the concrete coring system is not compatible with 54LT or 540M machines.]

Water flow provides lubrication and cooling for the core bit. Water also removes the grit that develops as the bit cuts through the surface material. This grit provides extra abrasiveness that enhances cutting, however, too much water flow can actually slow the coring process. Geoprobe® offers a Water Swivel Assembly designed to be used with Geoprobe® hammers having rotational capabilities and industry standardized diamond drill bits using 1.25-7 threads.

Geoprobe® Concrete Coring Tools include:

  • Concrete Coring Kit with Water Flow Assembly
  • Diamond Core Bits, 5 in. (special order sizes available upon request)
  • Water System with Tank and Tank Carrier

Pavement Penetrator Systems

Need to break a hole through the concrete? Geoprobe® has many sizes of drill steels and carbide-tipped concrete bits to get you through! 

Key Features

  • Water flow lubricates and cools core bit while removing cuttings
  • Rotation capabilities of the machine eliminate mobilization of specialized equipment

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