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Geoprobe® 4.5 in. Heavy Duty (HD) sonic drill rod (front) and traditional sonic drill rod (back).

The Geoprobe® 4.5 in. heavy duty (HD) sonic drill rods are significantly stronger than their traditional counterpart and manufactured at our facility in Salina, KS.  They are engineered to withstand  continuous use in harsh conditions and complement the 8150LS full-size sonic rig with 50K dynamic force, which was designed to continuously sample and set casing in excess of 300 ft. in a wide range of formations. 

The Geoprobe® 4.5 in. HD tooling consists of two pieces – the sonic drill rod and the coupler. Its unique design incorporates break out flats into the coupler to minimize wear on the jaw pads when breaking tool joints apart.  The two-piece design also saves tooling costs, allowing just the coupler to be replaced if the threads are damaged.

The rounded pin joint speeds up the stabbing of joints together for a faster connection.  The tool joint also has a larger cross section, which helps strengthen the drill rod and maximize overall thread life.  

Sonic Casing Dimensions
Coupler OD: 4.5 in. / ID: 3.00 in.
Midbody OD: 4.5 in. / ID: 3.75 in.

18.9 lbs./ft

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