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DT45 Soil Sampling System

Geoprobe® brand Dual Tube Sampling Systems are efficient methods of collecting continuous soil cores with the added benefit of a cased hole. Our line of Dual Tube Soil Sampling Systems include: DT22DT325DT37DT45, and DT60.

The DT45 Sampling System is specifically designed for use with the Geoprobe®40 series machines. This sampler provides a cased hole while providing a 3 in. diameter core sample. The durable DT45 Sampling System uses the Geoprobe® 4.5 in. probe rods as the outer casing along with the option of using standard 1.25 in. or 2.25 in. probe rods as inner casing to pull core samples.

Key Features

  • Stainless Steel Core Catcher for increased sample recovery
  • Install 2 in. prepacks or conventional monitoring wells
  • Provides large 3 in. diameter core sample

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