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From industry first to industry standard, Geoprobe® drilling tools innovations continue to change environmental, geotechnical, water well, exploration, and geothermal drilling industries. Drillers recognize Geoprobe® as problem solvers, taking on tough challenges and providing industry solutions using customer feedback and information to develop the next generation of products. Companies across the globe acknowledge the simplicity and durability of Geoprobe® drilling tools and appreciate their ability to make drilling jobs faster, easier, and safer. They also have come to rely on the expertise of our drilling tools engineers and sales representatives to provide technical advice to optimize production efficiency.

Drilling Tools Advantages

  • Quality control and support
  • Durability
  • Customer-inspired innovation

Tooling Links

I think the edge Geoprobe® has on other drilling tools manufacturers is they actually test the equipment and tooling versus just doing it because everyone else is. If I have a tooling question, I can call Vic or one of the guys in the office to work through it.

- Art Remedios, Project Manager, Geopro Inc., New Jersey