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Multiple Options for HPT Logging

Direct Image® Probes

Direct Image® Probes

Since the release of the Hydraulic Profiling Tool (HPT) in 2006, our Direct Image® R&D guys have been busy. Really busy!

Initially developed to collect continuous, real-time logs of soil hydraulic properties, in addition to Soil Conductivity, the ability to collect HPT logs has been paired with other systems to provide added, high-quality results with an easier, one probe method.

HPT-GW Sampler

The newest HPT tool is a 20-port HPT-GW Sampler which expands the sampling range of the groundwater profiling tool from four ports to 20. “Groundwater is sampled through 20 ports on four sides of the tool,” Wes McCall, Geoprobe® Environmental Geologist, said. “An EC (Electrical Conductivity) dipole is located on the tool drive point.”

Groundwater can be sampled using a peristalic pump in shallow water table conditions, or with the Geoprobe® Mechanical Bladder Pump in deeper water table settings.

“A log of both HPT injection pressure and EC are made as the tool is advanced to depth,” Wes explained, “allowing the user to evaluate the formation for sample yield.” The HPT-GWS tool is used to perform groundwater profiling; a collection of samples at multiple levels at a single location.

MiHpt Probe

There a lots of good results coming in from around the world regarding the MiHpt.

The MiHpt Probe is a combination probe that can perform MIP, HPT, and EC measurements in ONE push with ONE probe!

The MiHpt Probe detects volatile contaminants with the MIP (Membrane Interface Probe), measures soil electrical conductivity with a standard MIP dipole array, and measures HPT injection pressure using the same downhole transducer as the Geoprobe® stand-alone HPT system. In post-processing the log data with Geoprobe® DI Viewer software, the user is able to estimate hydraulic conductivity (K) and water table elevation, as well as prepare graphic outputs of the log data.

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Direct Image® Probes
HPT-GWS log showing (l to r) EC log and specific conductance of pumped groundwater samples, HPT log, and flow rate for the eight sampled intervals.