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Seismic Cone Penetration Testing (SCPT) from Geoprobe® provides a rapid and cost effective method for directly measuring the shear wave velocity of soil.

SCPT shear wave velocity measurements are used to evaluate the:

  • Liquefaction risk
  • Earthquake generated ground-surface movements
  • Foundations for vibrating equipment
  • Behavior of offshore structures due to wave loading

CPT coupled with Seismic CPT gives details on soil types, engineering parameters, and shear wave velocity in the same test hole. The seismic CPT module is an add-on to our traditional CPT system so the seismic and CPT data is generated on the same push.

The Geoprobe® SCPT module offers several benefits for companies and field crews. It is easy to use and cost effective as it can be added on to current NOVA CPT systems. 


Seismic CPT Overview

Seismic CPT Overview


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