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Liners Found NonDetect for PFAS

Geoprobe® submitted samples of our clear PVC soil liners, including the lay flat liners used for sonic soil sampling, to Jennifer Field, Ph.D., at Oregon State University and her research team. Field’s team analyzed the Geoprobe® soil liners for 52 PFAS compounds, including PFOS and PFOA. The PVC liners tested nondetect for all 52 compounds. The research concluded that field sampling materials are an unlikely source of contamination for Perfluoroalkyl and Polyfluoroalkyl substances in field samples.

A - DT60 (Lay Flat Liner) B - MC7/DT45 C - DT325/DT37
OD: 4.500 in.  /  ID: 4.430 in.
(4.395 in. ID on overlap)
OD: 3.135 in.  /  ID: 3.015 in. OD: 2.065 in.  /  ID: 1.965 in.
D - MC5 E - DT22 F - LB
OD: 1.750 in.  /  ID: 1.680 in. OD: 1.375 in.  /  ID: 1.275 in. OD: 1.125 in.  /  ID: 1.000 in.
(1.145 in. OD Flared)

liner dimensions

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