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Dynamic Driller

The beginning of the DRILLMAX® by Geoprobe® story started nearly 40 years ago as a regional drilling equipment supplier based in Florida focused on supporting drillers in the southeast United States. During 2017 we decided to launch an all new DRILLMAX® with new investments in freshly engineered drilling products, new manufacturing methods, and expanded service support to benefit drillers from around the world. Our team saw an opportunity to innovate, offering drillers better products and better service support ultimately to make drillers’ jobs EASIER, SAFER, and FASTER so they could get home to their families quicker. We know drilling holes has been around a very long time and is not easy work, but we are confident there are real opportunities for DRILLMAX® by Geoprobe® customers to grow and have a better future.

So why have we launched the DYNAMIC DRILLER newsletter? At our core we are an engineering-based company that likes to develop new and improved products. We like to work with drillers; and we’ve been blessed to work with many industry leaders. The DYNAMIC DRILLER newsletter is one way to keep industry leaders updated on the latest new DRILLMAX® by Geoprobe® developments. We all have another thing in common… we like to hear stories… especially stories of other drillers doing their work. We hope you will enjoy meeting DRILLMAX® by Geoprobe® customers who are sharing their stories. May they be an encouragement and even spark you to move forward toward a better future.


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