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Stearns Drilling’s 7822DT .. Outstanding in its Field

“I love working with this machine! Because of it’s versatility, I’m not pigeon-holed into one aspect of drilling. I stay busy because the 7822DT can auger in wells, do geotech drilling, collect samples using direct push, even rotary drill. It’s compact. And it’s very adaptable. What more could you ask for?” - Tom Ulrich • Driller/Crewchief

The Stearns Drilling 7822DT celebrates its fifth birthday this fall. Since first arriving in the Dutton, MI, office in 2012, the machine continues to keep its favorable status with Tom Ulrich, Driller with Stearns for nearly 20 years.

With barely enough time for routine maintenance, the machine keeps Tom busy. “The machine is a time-saver for me, and because of the drop rack system, I can place the tooling and work table in a central location where it’s easily accessible and best fits my needs,” Tom said. “I love working with this machine!”

Probing Times Spring 2017

This article is an excerpt from the Spring 2017 issue of the Probing Times ( Page 26 ). Click Here to see the full issue.

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