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Discover one-stop shopping for the widest array of bits and sampling systems available: from conventional telescoping soil coring to dual tubing to weighted wireline tooling.

  • CONVENTIONAL:  Made easier with incremental drill casings sizes crafted with bit clearances and annular space in mind, reducing sticking in certain soils or excessive water to flush the soil between casings. 4X6, 6X8 and 8X10 casing sizes available.
  • DUAL TUBE:  Collect samples more quickly when advancing drill casings and inner rod string together and reduce operator fatigue by utilizing smaller 2.25-inch center rods. Available in SDT45 and SDT60
  • DOUBLE WALL:  SDW45 complements the conventional 4X6 and SDT45 sampling systems to provide a representative sample in consolidated formations by leaving the core unaffected by water.
  • WEIGHTED WIRELINE:  Designed to complement the standard SDT45 and SDT60 tooling, the core barrel uses a simple weight system to hold it in place at the bottom of the tool string for quicker, more efficient trip out times, resulting in lower maintenance costs, and minimal parts to operate.

Choose from a wide assortment of sonic drill casings options designed and manufactured by Geoprobe® to achieve reliable and consistent project results. We invest in state-of-the-art manufacturing processes to produce the widest array of sonic bits and sampling systems available for the sonic market, from conventional telescoping soil coring to dual tubing and face flush bits for rock coring. Our sonic tooling is engineered for ease of makeup and breakout with no galling or deforming in the thread area.

Drill Casings

Geoprobe® Sonic Drill Casings are the foundation of our Complete Tooling Systems. See below for a full list of our drill casings sizes.

9.625 in. SONIC CASING 7.625 in. SONIC CASING 6.0 in. SONIC CASING 
OD: 9.625 in.  /  ID: 8.755 in.
Weight: 43.5 lbs./ft
OD: 7.625 in.  /  ID: 6.765 in.
Weight: 33.7 lbs./ft
OD: 6.0 in.  /  ID: 5.25 in.
Weight: 22.5 lbs./ft
OD: 4.5 in.  /  ID: 3.75 in.
Weight: 16.5 lbs./ft
Coupler: OD: 4.5 in.  /  ID: 3.00 in.
Midbody OD: 4.5 in.  /  ID: 3.75 in.
Weight: 18.9 lbs./ft

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