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High Pressure Inline Hydraulic Filter Assembly

High Pressure Inline Hydraulic Filter Assembly

A High-Pressure Inline Filter Assembly is now available from Geoprobe Systems® that was designed specifically to help you protect your hydraulic system. When a hydraulic component fails or when the hydraulic system is opened, there's a high risk of contamination being introduced which can be detrimental to the performance of the machine and its service life. It's essential to pre-filter the fluid to re-establish its proper cleanliness. The inline filter actually allows your machine to become its own filtration system. It can be used in conjunction with your machine's regular hydraulic service or after a hydraulic component failure. The new filter assembly eliminates the need for your Geoprobe® machine to spend time in the hydraulics shop to filter the hydraulic fluid. We use a 3 micron filter in this system which more than adequately filters your hydraulic fluid. According to Darren Stanley, Geoprobe® Service Manager, not all shops use a filter size that is adequate for this process. It's a good thing for you to know the filter size your hydraulic shop uses to make sure the fluids are adequately filtered. Transportation to and from the shop and shop labor costs are eliminated. The inline filter system can be used in the field which keeps the machine making money.

The High-Pressure Inline Filter Assembly (37374) includes fittings which allows the assembly to adapt to all Geoprobe® machines. Hydraulic fluid is the lifeblood of a Geoprobe® machine, and keeping the hydraulic fluid clean is extremely important. The pumps, valves, cylinders, motors, and hammer would sit silent without this critical fluid. And as a Geoprobe® machine's components become more sophisticated with tighter tolerances and systems pressures increasing, fluid cleanliness becomes even more vital to maintain dependable performance and to extend service life. Some industry studies suggest proper filtration can increase hydraulic component life by as much as four times for some components. That's why Geoprobe® engineers and the service team use only the highest quality filters and fluids in Geoprobe® machines. And with the inline filtering system, it's easier and less expensive to keep your machine's hydraulics in peak operating condition.

Call the Geoprobe® Resource Service Center at 1-800-GEOPROBE to order the filter assembly, or if you have questions about its operation.

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