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Rock Coring using Mud Rotary

We’ve been redefining the drilling industry for 30 years by producing solutions to meet or exceed our clients’ needs. Geoprobe® now offers complete rock coring systems to compliment its proven line of soil and groundwater sampling systems. Increasingly Geoprobe® customers are selected for projects requiring competent rock sampling.

Rotary Heads to Water Swivels for Rock Coring

Adding rotary heads to machines for rock coring and water swivels and wet rotary tooling systems increases rig utilization rates creating positive movement in profitability. Our rock coring options are designed and manufactured to achieve reliable and consistent project results. We invest in state-of-the-art manufacturing processes to produce a wide-array of tooling to collect high-quality information with same-day shipping available on most parts.

Below you will find water swivels and tooling systems for rock coring and wet rotary. Click on a system for more information.

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Instead of having to mobilize a separate rig to complete the job with the flip of a switch we completed DT22 sampling and bedrock drilling that same day.

Curt Luebbert, Operations Manager, Environmental Contracting, Indiana