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The NOVA CPT test cone introduces higher resolution, more robust construction and improved penetrometer testing accuracy. NOVA cone penetrometers deliver improved durability and sensitivity in an instrumented cone.

Penetrometer Testing Options

The Geotech AB NOVA CPT system has always been unique in the geotechnical industry and is known for its cordless data transmission system: a constant digital stream of data is sent to the surface through the sounding rods. No cable through the rods is needed in the cordless setup.

  • Cable CPT has always been an option, but now in Cable NOVA we can offer an entry-level cost-effective approach. 
  • Acoustic NOVA is also offered in the same form as the first-generation Classic system.  In fact, some of the same parts are still used in this mode of operation.

For more than 20 years, Geoprobe Systems® has teamed up with Geotech AB of Sweden to be the exclusive U.S. distributor for Geotech AB Cone Penetration Testing tools for geotechnical and environmental studies. We also provide the service and support, offering repair and calibration services.

The cordless or corded NOVA CPT test cones can be used from a variety of push platforms to provide continuous penetrometer testing data, repeatable penetration results, and cost savings over traditional boring and sampling methods. NOVA Cones adhere to the national standards for construction (ASTM D-5778 Standard Test Method for Performing Electronic Friction Cone and Piezocone Penetration Testing of Soils, as well as ISO 22476-1-11:2004).

cpt tool string diagram


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