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Aztech Likes Versatility of 3230DT Rig

The 3230DT Combo Rig has seemed to ‘fill the bill’ for Aztech Environmental Technologies in Ballston Spa, NY. 

According to Fil Fina III, PE, Vice President of Aztech, the company has found the 3230DT to be a very versatile machine, capable of direct push applications, including large diameter casing as well as hollow stem auger boring, down hole hammer drilling, and rock coring. The company also added two new Kenworth trucks to carry and support the new rig.  One truck is fitted with an aluminum deck with ramps, and the support truck is fitted with a 20-foot bed and lift gate.

The company performed a wide variety of geotechnical drilling and direct push operations on and behind a former hydroelectric dam in northern New York ... the first job for the new 3230DT. Aztech utilized the rig to complete hollow stem auger drilling and split spoon sampling in conjunction with conventional Macro-Core® sampling and wireline rock coring on the earthen and concrete dam. At the same site, the 3230DT was hoisted onto a barge to collect sediment samples using dual wall direct push methods.

The next job for the 3230DT also presented some unique challenges. “The second site the 3230DT went to,” Fil explained, “is a former chemical facility located on the banks of the Hudson River.” This required working over the side of a steep embankment. “We calculated the cable size required to winch the 3230DT over the embankment by using the coefficient of friction of rubber tracks on wet grass” he said. The rig was anchored to a support truck and winched into place. It was then jacked to the maximum angle that the Kubota diesel engine is certified to operate. Then, the mast was pivoted to vertical.  Multiple two-inch diameter monitoring wells were installed using 4.25-in. hollow stem augers, and Macro-Core® sampling was completed.

Fil added, “Since the 3230DT has exceeded Aztech’s expectations, a new 3200 truck-mounted rig was purchased in January.”

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3230DT drill rig combines rotary and direct push functions

3230DT Drill Rig

Combine geotechnical augering and high-speed rotary with advanced direct push capability to offer additional services to your customers, quickly going from coring rock to pushing CPT - all in one drill rig.

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