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Environmental by Geoprobe®

Streamline Your Subsurface Sampling

Succeed in an ever-changing job market with Geoprobe® environmental drilling rigs and tooling engineered to make environmental drilling fast and efficient – saving you time and money. As the originators of direct push technology, we are continually driven to develop and improve our environmental drilling line, leading as an innovator in the environmental drilling and subsurface sampling industry for more than 20 years. Whether you’re using direct push soil probes, in situ tooling, or rotary concrete coring systems, a wide array of environmental drilling rigs and tooling are available to serve your needs.

Your purchase of a Geoprobe® environmental drilling rig or tooling system will stand the test of time and with same-day shipping on most parts, you can minimize inventory. You’ll be supported by our industry-leading customer service to help troubleshoot anything from sampling techniques with soil probes to service concerns on combination drill rigs.

Explore our environmental drilling rig and tooling options for all your environmental drilling methods. From soil probes, complete soil sampling systems, and groundwater sampling and monitoring components for direct push drilling to hollow stem augers and concrete coring systems for rotary drilling, our team of engineers is focused on listening to feedback from the field to devise drilling rigs, tooling, and techniques to make your environmental drilling job simple and efficient.

A great tooling system doesn’t collect the high-quality information for which it was designed without a machine to advance it to depth and retrieve it safely, efficiently, and economically. Conversely, a great environmental drilling rig isn’t much use without a proper tooling system. When environmental drilling rigs and tooling are designed, built, and supported as one, the end result is a highly refined environmental drilling system that benefits field users, business owners, and project managers alike.

Don't see a feature or tool you're seeking for your environmental drilling?  Give us a call.

Our team of engineers thrives on collaborating with drillers while they continually innovate new designs for our environmental drilling line. Our goal is to help maximize your success by making your job faster, safer, and easier. Partner with us and we'll work to decrease your environmental drilling downtime while increasing your family time.

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“The Geoprobe® has made our operations very efficient in dealing with demands of the industry and client requests.”

Jim Duffy, President, East Coast Drilling Inc., New Jersey

Geoprobe® 7822DT Overview

7822DT completes installation of groundwater monitoring wells.

Environmental Drilling Rigs

Expand opportunities for handling multiple geographies or offering more services with efficient and effective versatile environmental drill rigs.

DT22 detent drive head simplifies soil collection

Environmental Tooling

Eliminate wiggling to simplify collecting continuous soil samples when using innovative DT22 detent drive head with DT22 soil sampling system.

7822DT pushing OIP

In-Situ Tooling

Accurately characterize sites like an old fuel spill 300 miles north of the Arctic Circle using a combination drill rig and Direct Image® tooling.

6712DT completes a multi-state PFAS investigation.

PFAS Contamination

Geoprobe® offers machines and tooling to make PFAS investigations efficient along with documentation to ease client concerns regarding cross contamination.

MC5 one option for carbon farming assessment of regenerative agriculture effects on soil carbon levels

Carbon Farming

Assess regenerative agriculture efforts toward improving soil carbon sequestration using Macro-Core® sampling.

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Depend on Team Geoprobe®

Since 1987, Geoprobe® has manufactured innovative drilling rigs and tooling - engineered for efficiency and safety - simplifying drillers’ jobs and empowering their companies to succeed as productive and profitable leaders in the industry. When you partner with Geoprobe® you receive:

Customer-inspired Innovation

Engineering and building industry-leading drilling rigs, tooling, and techniques for the technical driller based on your needs to work safer and more efficiently.

Exceptional Value

Ensuring drilling rigs and tooling are created in conjunction – with consistent quality – to collect the highest-quality information with the most accurate result to get you to, into, and through the job efficiently.

Superior Service

Equipping you to do your best job and keeping you in the field via one-on-one expert sales and service technicians manning live support phone lines, shipping necessary parts same-day.