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We know grouting is not the most glamorous part of what you do so we've made an effort to make it as painless as possible.

Grouting Systems and Injection Tools

Material injection for remediation purposes has led to the development of the GP300 machine designed primarily for (but not limited to) injection of high viscosity Hydrogen Release Compound (HRC®). GP300 grouting systems are capable of injecting standard bentonite grout mixes and most other remediation materials. The injection of permanganates, peroxides, and other oxidizers has necessitated yet another pump design from Geoprobe Systems®. GP800 grouting systems were designed to withstand the corrosiveness of these oxidizers. In addition, it has been designed to meet the high injection volume requirements of these materials.

Grout injection techniques were developed to simply fill a void in the soil. Material injection, on the other hand, requires that the material be pushed out into the formation for maximum material to contaminant contact. For this reason, material injection requires a different perspective than grout injection. Techniques such as “bottom-up” grouting are not necessarily adaptable to material injection. Other techniques such as “top down” injection, are much more accurate at placing the remediation material where it is intended to be placed.

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