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Spring Cleaning Checklist for Geoprobe® Rigs

  1. Replace fuel filters — as the weather begins to turn from winter to spring, we see a small rise in machines that need new fuel filters. This is for a couple of reasons, but one reason is that some areas of the country begin switching fuel formulations as the temperature changes, which leads to stress on fuel systems.
  2. Replace hydraulic oil and filters — most Geoprobe® rigs have a high-pressure filter and a return filter. Both filters should be replaced when changing hydraulic fluid. Don't take shortcuts, there is little value in changing filters without changing the fluid. This is money spent with little upside. Go ahead and complete the full fluid change.
  3. Clean coolers — one of the most neglected parts of any vehicle is the engine coolant. When was the last time you flushed and serviced your radiator? While you are out it, use a garden hose to clean the outside of the radiator fins as well as your hydraulic oil cooler.  
  4. Check display screen — If your rig has a display screen, be sure all the buttons are working well and you can easily read the display. If it has cracks or scratches, replace the cover. Your screen carries important information. 
  5. Maintain your nitrogen charge kit — most Geoprobe® hammers should be charged about once a month. This is a good time to check your nitrogen charge kit. Make sure you know where all the pieces are and you have plenty of nitrogen in the tank. Store all the pieces together for quick service when needed.

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Geoprobe® 7822DT Overview

7822DT rotary drilling rigs capability with direct push finesse

7822DT Drill Rig

From crowded street corners to far removed places, tackle various environmental, geotechnical and exploration applications with a single machine combining rotary drilling and direct push, saving time and money required to mobilize multiple drill rigs.