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This video takes a look at the various CPT platforms Geoprobe® has available. 

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Expand CPT access with 20CPT press

20CPT Press


Cone Penetration Testing is commonly used for soil strength analysis in geotechnical applications. Cone Penetration Test - or CPT - tooling must be advanced by static push rather than hammer percussion. A suitable reaction force is required to balance the pushing capacity of the rig in order to achieve any sort of depth.

This can be accomplished by using a 20-ton rated static push platform or by using anchors on a machine. With more than 20 years of CPT tooling and machine experience, Geoprobe® has engineered both types of platforms to meet customer needs. Dedicated static push platforms include the 2060CPT and 20CPT Press. Multi-application rigs like the 3230DT, 7822DT and 3100GT quickly and easily utilize anchors to perform CPT while still effectively completing other drilling techniques - all with a single machine. These combo rigs save time and money versus mobilizing multiple rigs.

The Geoprobe® 2060CPT is a 20 ton rated static push Cone Penetration Testing platform. The hydraulic push clamp and press advance the cone with up to 20 tons of downforce. When retracting the tool string, the 2060CPT has 30 tons of pullback. An optional 6712DT mast can be mounted on the porch end of the 2060CPT. This allows for coring, conventional soil sampling, shallow drilling for soil verification, and pre-drilling.

The 20 CPT Press from Geoprobe® is a flexible mast option designed specifically for performing cone penetration tests. Bracket options allow for mounting to various skid steer loaders or the Geoprobe® 6712DT. When anchored, the press has 20 tons of hydraulic downforce and 30 tons of pullback. The light weight of the system and small footprint allow this setup to be easily transported from location to location. This also enables the press to access sites where surface conditions will not support a larger, heavier machine.

The Geoprobe® 3230DT combo rig has the ability to efficiently sample the subsurface using both direct push and rotary drilling techniques and then quickly transition to pushing CPT tooling. Anchors are installed using the CB combo head and the CPT system is automatically pushed at a rate of 2 cm / second using the same head. With the 3230DT, drillers have multiple drilling methods at their fingertips.

The Geoprobe® 7822DT is designed to easily switch between multiple sampling and logging methods, including pushing CPT tooling. Anchors are installed with the augerhead to provide the reaction force needed for the up to 15 tons of push typical for this platform. Using an optional head feed control kit, automatic rate control provides cone advancement at the standard 2 cm per second. Switching between drilling tasks and pushing CPT is quick on the 7822DT and only takes a few additional components.

The 3100GT Geotechnical Drill Rig can be setup for CPT by using a few simple anchoring components: a rod guide, anchor, and anchor bridge. Switching from geotechnical drilling to pushing CPT is a quick and simple process. Automatic head feed rate control advances the cone at a steady 2 centimeters per second specified by ASTM Standard D5778. This provides hands-free operation during advancement of each rod.

CPT platform offerings by Geoprobe® continue to expand to meet customer demand. Adding CPT capabilities to proven Geoprobe® platforms gives drillers the ability to cover a multitude of applications with one machine. Geoprobe® has offered CPT tooling, technology, service, and parts for more than 20 years. With drilling equipment and CPT tooling designed to work together, Geoprobe® is truly your one stop shop for CPT. We also offer an extensive training program for cone penetration testing to help make you successful in the field.

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