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Geoprobe® CPT Advantage: CPT-ready Rigs and Cone Calibration

At Geoprobe® we consider our machines to be "CPT-ready" if they incorporate the following components:

7822DT CPT

The 7822DT includes downforce and automatic head feed rate control needed to push CPT.

Downforce: effectively push CPT with force to execute the work.

Automatic Head Feed Rate Control: provides a consistent 2cm/sec CPT push rate, meeting ASTM standards.

Downforce Limit Control: the 3126GT, 3100GT, 3230DT, and 2060CPT include a control in the menu of the system display to derate the downforce and observe the pressure being placed on the cone, providing another operator checkpoint.

With more than 20 years experience, Geoprobe® has the technical team to offer CPT troubleshooting, spare parts, service, and repairs — including cone calibration. 

Cone Calibration: it's common for cone electronics and gauges to drift out of tolerance over time and frequent use. Calibrating annually — per the ASTM standard — provides the opportunity to confirm your CPT is measuring correctly and accurately.

Video: Geoprobe® CPT Platforms