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Dealing with Industry Demands

Environmental investigations and remediation projects have been the mainstay for East Coast Drilling Inc. (ECDI) for many years, but recently they’ve noticed an uptick in geotechnical investigations. To meet the varying requests, they rely heavily on the Geoprobe® 7822DT.

7822DT versatility

ECDI relies on 7822DT.

“The 7822DT combination rig is very efficient, performing direct push sampling and injection work with quick adaptation to utilize hollow stem augers for permanent well installations. Couple that with a small footprint and it is a very powerful tool in the fleet,” Jim Duffy, president, said. “”The Geoprobe® keeps pace with our larger truck rigs on well installations less than 50 feet in depth but also provides the direct push services that conventional truck rigs do not, which equals more versatility.”

For ECDI, adapting to changes in the industry includes training new drillers. The 7822DT provides them an easier stepping-stone for new helpers to work up to driller.

“The learning curve on the Geoprobe® 7822DT is definitely faster than on other types of equipment. It’s not as intimidating or imposing and is more forgiving if the operator makes a slight error,” Duffy said. “The digital readouts at the control panel are invaluable.”

With the added peace-of-mind provided by all the safety components, ECDI can quickly show a skilled helper how it’s done, put them at the controls, and have the driller stand back and coach.

“The 7822DT has made our operations very efficient in dealing with demands of the industry and client requests," Duffy said.

Video: Geoprobe® 7822DT Drill Rig Overview