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NEW 3230DT Tier 4: More Power, Less Fuel

Tier 4 3230DT

Tier 4 engine on new 3230DT adds 15% more horsepower and fuel-saving hydraulic features.

Known for providing precision head feed control and versatility to easily switch between drilling techniques, the NEW Tier 4 3230DT adds horsepower and fuel-saving hydraulic features.

3230DT Tier 4  Enhancements

  • POWER: Tier 4 engine provides more than 15% greater horsepower when compared to the previous version
  • AUTO THROTTLE: automatically senses the load and adjusts throttle accordingly, saving fuel.
  • LOAD-SENSE HYDRAULICS: supplies the system pressure required to perform requested tasks, reducing heating of the hydraulic fluid — important when operating in elevated ambient temperatures and performing high-duty operations such as coring, augering, or tracking long distances.

Video: Geoprobe® 3230DT Combo Rig Overview