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Considering Adding Sonic Capabilities? Geoprobe® Adds Value

8150LS rod loader

8150LS rod loader

Customers remark how they increasingly see requests for sonic capabilities, making sonic rig ownership necessary to maintain or gain market share. When you choose a Geoprobe® 8150LS sonic rotary rig you gain additional advantages: 

OPERATION: quick learning curve and efficient operation made possible from your fingertips. Maintain mast and machine position leveraging the rod handler, winch, and head centerline side shift to guide the GV5 head, automatic drop hammer, or coring head to align with the borehole.

SAMPLING: in a variety of geologies and formations where traditional drilling methods struggle or fail, the powerful GV5 sonic head makes it possible to retrieve high-quality samples and is backed by a 2-year warranty. A powerful rig coupled with genuine Geoprobe® sonic tooling allows sonic users to operate 4X6 dual tube and weighted wireline tool systems efficiently.

SAFETY: no rotating augers, safer operating position with adjustable control panel, and optional rod handler and indexing rack minimizes heavy lifting of large tooling.

SERVICE: training and field support from a dedicated team of sonic experts who are just a phone call away and able to provide remote diagnostics of electrical components, shipping service parts stocked and ready to meet your needs.

COSTS: cuttings and waste are kept to a minimum. With used and rent-to-purchase options, we can help meet your price point.

TRAINING: our sonic team has years of experience training new operators, offering your crew comprehensive sonic training.

If you're considering entering the sonic market, call Geoprobe® - 785-825-1842 -for a no-pressure introduction. Our dedicated sonic team can help you evaluate how sonic can serve your current customers and help you gain footing with new clients.

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Geoprobe® 8150LS Sonic Overview

8150LS sonic drilling rig

8150LS Sonic Drill Rig

Increase depth advancement and recovery speeds while minimizing waste with the 8150LS sonic drilling rig engineered for driller safety, sampling speed, and operation efficiency.

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