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Sticking to What Works

Specializing in direct push work, Penecore Drilling, in California, started during the 2008 recession, turning a profit within the first year.

7822DT pushing DT22

Using the DT22 system to sample before setting a 25-foot well at Lake Tahoe.

“We believe in sticking to what we can do well, which is direct push work,” Xavier Green, project manager, said. “Direct push work is more common now since it’s the quickest, easiest, cheapest way to get what geologists need.”

Being proficient includes using the Geoprobe® DT22 Detent Drive Head — speedier compared to a set screw.

“It’s a quicker option with the extra safety of not losing liners. That’s better for all parties,” Green said.

And he’s quick to point out the advantage of using genuine Geoprobe® liners.

“When we use other liners we spend time with soil catchers popping out or liners sliding out in the boring,” Green said. “It’s worth it to pay a little extra and reduce these problems.”

Being manufactured in the United States is another benefit according to Green.

“Nothing ever goes smoothly in drilling, but I can pick up the phone and the Geoprobe® tooling department helps it go smoother,” Green said.

Smoother also results from durable tooling kept in stock.

“We’re still using tooling from early 2000 that hasn’t broken. We don’t need a bunch of excess tooling around, because it lasts,” Green said. “If we do need something, Geoprobe® can get it out to us immediately.”

From injection tooling, DT45 to DT60, and Macro-Core® 7 to Macro-Core® 5, Green has extensive experience with genuine Geoprobe® tooling and quickly names other benefits:

When I buy a new one, it comes out of the package working.

Geoprobe® provides an array of things so we can advise customers on the best approach.

Tooling is always better than most in the industry.

Tooling department streamlines tooling to make jobs easier.

For Green, sticking to what they do best and remaining resilient through recessions – and now COVID-19 – has been made just a little easier because “Geoprobe® always comes out with a lot of different things that help us.” 

Video: Geoprobe® DT22 Soil Sampling System