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Proper Care for Aging 7822DT Rigs

In production for more than 12 years, the Geoprobe® 7822DT is a workhorse in many company fleets. If you've had your rig for a few years, it may be showing some signs of age. Three key components on the front of the 7822DT deserve periodic inspection.

7822DT service tips

Probe and Hammer Slides
These are the slides upon which your head runs up and down. Unfold your machine, running it all the way down to the bottom of the stroke. If you see a gap between the rail and slide or if you're missing the "pucks" as people refer to them, it's time to replace the slides. Don't forget to also inspect the trunnion slides located behind the front foot rail. Remember: you should always replace an entire set.

Hammer Rotation Assembly
Assess the pressed bearing on the hammer spindle by removing the anvil and retainer. Looking up inside the spindle, is it still hex shaped? Are there any cracks? Does it have any play when grabbed with your hand? If the answer is 'yes', then it's time to replace your hammer spindle, bearings, and races inside. A worn gearbox affects the percussion cell performance, potentially causing failure.

Auger Hose, Swivel Fittings, and Auger Speed Solenoid
Exposed to potential damage from weather, casings, or swinging winch hooks, inspect your auger hoses and when worn, replace them. If your swivel fittings are leaking, install a simple seal kit or replace them. If the 2-speed solenoid is bent or leaking, or if the electrical is cut or frayed, you need to fix this. Addressing these issues can save you from not only losing auger rotation speed but also from blowing a fuse, causing you to lose other machine functions.

If you find any of these are in need of attention, call Geoprobe® service and we can help you with the process, sending the parts to complete repairs on your own or scheduling you for service.

Video: Geoprobe® - 7822DT Service Tips